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Andreas Hofer

A man holding a candle

To accompany somebody in the faith 

is not a man- made

enterprise or business.

It must come from God in

His time and through His hands in mine and yours. 

Tel: 02 04 05 83433


May God be director directly

at this time and that He may send

suitable men and women that

extend His hands to His children.

Catholic priest

Jesus is the Highpriest,

teacher, master of all life.

Blessed is He that comes

in the name of the Lord.

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Sophie Scholl

Known as "The soul of resistance".

Stand up for what you believe in

even if you are standing alone.

An end in terror is preferable

to terror without end.

born 9 May 1921, died 22 February 1943


Franz Jägerstätter

"Holy Disobedience"

I'm convinced that it is still best that I

speak the truth even if it costs me my life.

For you will not find it written in any of the 

commandments of God or of the Church that

a man is obliged under pain of sin to take an

oath committing him to obey whatever might be commanded of him by a secular ruler. 

born 20 May 1907, died 9 August 1943


Edith Stein

Code name Kant

The limitless loving devotion to God, and the gift God makes of Himself to you, are the highest elevation of which the heart is capable; it is the highest degree of prayer. The souls that have reached this point are truly the heart of the Church.

born 12 October 1891, died 9 August 1942




Call sign SP3RN

That night, I asked the Mother of God what was to become of me, a Child of Faith. Then she came to me holding two crowns, one white, the other red. She asked me if I was willing to accept either of these crowns. The white one meant that I should persevere in purity, and the red that I should become a martyr. I said that I would accept them both. 

born 8 January 1894, died 14 August 1941


Willi Graf


My favorite bible verse: Be doers of the word and not hearers only, deluding yourselves.

(Letter of James 1:22)

Becoming a Christian is perhaps the hardest thing because we never are and can only be a little bit at the sight of death.

(From the june- letter to Anneliese)

born 2 January 1918, died 12 October 1943

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