A comrade has exclusive access to this website in order to add, edit and delete things on his/her own page under the Comrades drop down menu.

A comrade is a trusted member in this digital nomad community and knows his/her responsibility for the common good.

Comrades can make suggestions about how to develop the rest of the website apart from their own page and it will be edited by the webmaster.

The position of the webmaster will be passed on every 3 years to another comrade unless he/she dies or wants to pass it on earlier.

It is suggested that a comrade introduces his/her temporary prayer room (without revealing the address) and perhaps an image of the favorite saint.


A testimony of the christian faith will help viewers to get insight on the path that the comrade is on.

A comrade makes his own life a subject to God and he/she speaks from the heart in prayer and instruction to others.

A comrade makes God's love known to the whole world by thought, word and deed.

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