About Catholic Life Comrades

Explaining the LOGO design

One can write his/her name here.

The circle represents Unity of Christians

The line represents the pilgrim path that is not always straight.

The hole in the middle represents the "hole in the soul" that is the place of God. Also representing the empty tomb.

The cross represents the Son of God made flesh in Jesus Christ who was crucified in order to reconcile humanity to Himself and take us to rest in his kingdom.

Explaining the project origin and its purpose 

Comrade / webmaster background

I am Andreas Hofer, born 1983, grew up in a catholic parish, Maria Kumitz, in the Austrian Alps.

As a layman I offer to make the love of God known in New Zealand with the help of our Mother Church, the Catholic Church.

My occupation as a carpenter makes 

me humble and meek in relation to my environment, practical and direct.

As a celibate Nomad based in New Zealand I currently live in communities and families throughout the country, usually through a work relationship.

The project developed from a life of work and prayer over 15 years in solitude so far during which I realized how much I relied on the internet for my own formation as a seeker of Christ and his love for all humanity.


Priests, religious, married couples and celibate lay persons from all parts of the world make the word of God and their testimony for everybody to see online and it gave me ongoing strength during dark moments. Here I can express my gratitude.

the Faith

Continue to believe in, trust, or support each other when it is difficult.

There can be times when we got it all under control.

Near death nothing is in control and we have nothing else to hold on to but our faith.


As we know the behavior of the ocean there is always a high tide after a low tide.

We strive to teach each other the gift of faith from experience, teach from the heart regardless of our age or status, leave fear outside.

A testimony of faith can move the heart of somebody who has not yet discovered the Love of God.


Love understood as such which is sought in constant movement, never the same movement, suited for every moment in our lives.


The 'spiritual community' denotes we have created a special place and a special community where ones own unique path to God is valued.


Our 'spiritual community' is a place where you can explore your spiritual nature without being shunned or excluded as your values and beliefs change over time.

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